About Us

GKC Electrical Engineers Ltd. was started as a business in 1990 due to being made redundandant from Betol machinery in Luton where I was employed as the electrical engineering supervisor.  I enjoyed my time at Betol machinery for 16 years and working all over the world, which you would expect from an extrusion industry.   Initially working from home assembling PCB boards and light mechanical and electrical assemblies, as well as servicing and maintaining plant and machinery for local manufacturers.

We are a small family business and the business was initially named ‘INPHASE’, there was myself, my wife Karen and two small children Christopher and Lauren.

As the business prospered, we successfully employed our son Christopher Wayne Burton as an apprentice, having successfully trained numerous apprentices prior to Chris.

Training is something that I have always taken very seriously as I enjoy the challenge and seeing people progress in their chosen career along with teaching the importance of health and safety whilst working on and around live equipment. “It is every skilled person’s duty to pass on their knowledge”. I have always upheld the statement in forced upon me by Mr Barlow and Mr. Lewis from Luton Craft Training facility.

We later changed the business name to GKC electrical engineers ltd…IE Graham Karen and Chris elec. Eng. Ltd.

After many years of intensive training, Chris started his own business CWB and both his parents wish him well. If at any time GKC needs cover or just a helping hand then Chris offers continue support, as you would expect, as I support companies both in the UK and abroad

We have a workshop which is fully equipped and open to view by appointment.


Basic cost callout fees are £100 from door to door + hourly rate of £40 if gkc supplies parts a markup of 30% will be added to the final price we are happy to arrange a personal rates depending on the level of regular work all prices are subject to VAT